CKE18 - Wash Up

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    It was almost time for Ryouko to head home for the night. The way she described her after shooting plan sounded so nice. She would change into her cotton towel pajamas, dive into bed with a cup of green tea, and fall asleep while reading a book. She wouldn't tell me the title, so one can only imagine! There was only one more thing to do before we could leave the studio. After driving herself wild with the fairy wand, she wanted to wash up. Normally our 'talent' would do this in private, but I had shot Ryouko so much she almost felt lonely without the camera close by. As the bathtub filled up, she invited me in for one final quick peak. Too bad she didn't invite me back to her place. I would have made a great bed pet. What about you? Would you love to keep her feet warm at night?