CKE18 - Does She Pee?

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    After Yui chan squeezed into this wildly designed see-through bikini she realized she needed to take a pee break. She went into the bathroom and then came out half a second later and asked me curiously 'Can these beads do peeing?' I didn't catch what she was talking about at first but then I realized she was having a fun idea that wasn't about to happen off camera. I told her I needed a second to check the bikini instructions, but when I returned, I was carrying the camera. This curious Japanese cutie wasn't about to get away! I started wondering how bad she had to go' She went through half a bottle of water and almost a full bottle of green tea. Guessing she was ready to wet herself, the only question that remained was whether or not she could do it on camera! Of course I never cared about her outfit!