CKE18 - Sucky Nipples

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    Some Japanese girls at CKE18 get wet panties from teasing the camera. Yui is the exact opposite. She gets excited from teasing herself! Whether it's a pearl thong or a crazy toy, she always seems to pull out the most hentai thing in our bag during a shoot. Today was no exception. As soon as Yui saw this nipple suction massager, she started to grin. I knew it didn't matter what my notes said, this was going to be our next video. As she started playing with herself I made sure to pay attention. The best way to learn what girls like is by watching what they do on their own. I can say one thing with certainty' I've learned a LOT from Yui chan which gives me the idea' Should CKE18 become a school where learn what Japanese girls like the most? Maybe instead of joining as a member, you guys can enroll as students lol. What do you think about the idea?