CKE18 - Vibe Crazy

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    Even before I filled my hands with Tsubasa's wild cheeks and exposed her booty hole, she was giving off a crazy vibe. It all started when she saw me plug the vibrator into the wall. I had seen that look in other girls eyes before and it could mean only one thing' Tsubasa was vibe crazy. I don't know about non Japanese girls, but it's definitely a phenomenon for some Japanese girls. Seeing a vibrator or even hearing a vibrating sound can make their panties wet. It's like when a dog salivates for a special treat. It's instinctive and they can't help it! Almost no Japanese girl will admit it's true, but I've heard it from ones who shoot chakuero and ones who don't. Of course there's always the chance that a girl might tell an innocent lie to make a guy happy, but as the saying goes 'the proof is in the pudding' and today Tsubasa was our dessert!