CKE18 - After Gym Class

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    Normally after gym class, all the sweaty sexy Japanese girls have a shower together and drool over each other's bodies. Hitomi wasn't having any of that today and instead headed straight to your apartment! As much as you wanted to jump on her the second she walked in the door, you played it cool and told her you were having a really busy day. After feeling left out, it didn't take long for her pouty self to make her way to your leather sofa. If she only new all the 'adventures' you've wiped off that surface! Seeing her dirty schoolgirl socks and cutie booty sift around on the couch was driving you crazy but you knew the more you ignored her the harder she would try to gain your attention! As you dusted your tv and game system, Hitomi grew more and more impatient. Before long her gym shorts were off and she was pulling out all the stops! You finally had her right where you wanted her, but maybe she had you right where she wanted you too! Who's playing who here?!