CKE18 - Hoola T-Back

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    Machiko is such a little liar. She told us she sucked at hula hooping but the second she started, we realized she was amazing. Maybe she was comparing herself to a professional, but compared with other chakuero girls, Machiko is definitely in the top 3 best of all time. Seeing the smirk on her face as she wiggled her hips was priceless and the whole staff was pumped up to see her showing off and shining for the camera. Her booty looked incredible too in her favorite baby blue t-back thong as she pressed her cheeks against the ring. Later the camera man admitted all he could think about was putting down the camera and smacking her butt. The director might have been surprised but genki Machiko probably wouldn't even have realized the deviation. Mental note, every guy should have a hula hoop at his home. What other exercise equipment makes for hentai fun? Give us some ideas!