CKE18 - Sticking Swimsuit

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    Don't you just hate it when a swimsuit gets stuck between your cheeks? Don't answer that wwww. Nobody wants to picture a guy's wedgie! Japanese girls are another thing. For Rina, it's all part of the fun. When she first came out wearing this tight half back, I thought she would have a hard time making a kuikomi. As she turned and posed, this wonder girl proved me wrong and for that the whole team would like to say 'thank you Rina chan.' When it comes to chakuero shooting, it's never a bad thing for a girl to show she can do something we had doubts about. That always makes the shoot more exciting. Thinking about costumes, CKE18 has a variety of outfits from full one-piece swimwear to the tiniest thongs. Do you guys have a favorite style or material? Do you like it all? What makes it work for you? Let us know in the comments.