CKE18 - Relaxing Interview

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    Rina had been running at full capacity the whole shoot, trying her please the Director and her fans.' Japanese idols are famous for always doing their best but that can be dangerous.' Caring for their wellbeing is very important because they will push themselves too far without someone to watch out for them.' At one point we became worried that this little ball of energy might crash so we asked Rina to take a break and relax for a few minutes while we took care of some technical issues.' She actually didn't want to stop though and promised she was okay so our compromise was to shoot this relaxing interview.' That way she could keep her pride but at the same time regather her strength.' We asked her to speak slowly and clearly for her foreign fans, so hopefully those of you studying Japanese can pick up on the meaning without the subtitles.' In any case, feel free to leave follow up questions in the comments below.' We can try to get answers next time we see this lovely Japanese beauty!