CKE18 - Pool Time Fun

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    I never really thought about it until shooting this set with Rina, but chakuero idols really do get to enjoy the pool much more than regular Japanese girls. The whole time shooting, Rina was watching the water, walking by and sticking her hand or foot in to check the temperature or cool off. She was ready to jump in. People in Japan love the water. There is real water culture here, but in Tokyo it's very rare for someone to have their own private swimming pool. Of course there are plenty of other options' onsen, public pools, and big bath tubs, but being on the island with Rina made me realize how jealous other girls would be. Rina was so excited she even got her hair wet, and that is a VERY rare thing to see! Do you have a pool at your house? Which CKE18 idol would you want to enjoy the water with?