CKE18 - Over the Edge

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    Ayana shot with us because of her cousin Rin.' She's a complete amateur with no experience shooting.' Being a first timer she was super nervous, but that didn't stop her from being a total tease at the same time.' I was instantly attracted from the moment we met and she knew it.' I literally counted down the days until the shoot, imagining she would have some excuse to drop out.' Luckily she didn't and after getting her to bend over on all fours, exposing her tight sweaty bootyhole on the very first video, I knew the shoot shoot wasn't going to end until we had some intense fun together.' By the time she finished sucking the big fat rubber dildo with her killer lips, I couldn't take it any more.' As I ran my hands along her body, she was sweating and her heart was pounding.' Her nipples were so hard and she was so wet it felt like she'd peed herself.' Ayana had never been more excited in her life.' Do you think she was satisfied?