CKE18 - Her Chakuero Secret

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    You've been seeing Miyu for a few weeks now and she just built up the courage to confess she's a Japanese chakuero idol. She likes you a lot and hopes you don't mind. She was worried so much what you'd think! As you take a moment to reply, her heart starts racing. Of course the truth is you knew it all along. In fact you have her entire video collection! Now the only question is do you tell her or play along? You pretend not to know and quickly turn the situation in to a game. See, you have a new camera and since Miyu was a bad girl for keeping a secret, she now has to let you shoot her! She's happy to oblige and feels she owes you one, but as the fun and flirty video recording progresses, you quickly find yourself in the middle of your very own chakuero video. This girl is GREAT!