CKE18 - Naughty Nurse Caught Toying

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    If you're a foreigner to Japan, you might find Rin's newest smoking hot video to be quite an urgent emergency because she is on fire! With her braces and sucking skills already on our mind, dressing up in a nurse uniform is just naughty on top of naughty! From her big boob nipple caps to her tiny red thong and white knee-high leggings, every inch of her body is against every hospital's dress code. We were already having great fun with Rin, but she definitely exceeded our expectations with this video. As she became more and more excited, she gave away all of her secrets, showing us exactly how she liked to be touched. With her body in full convulsions, her little booty hole was sweaty, wet, and right in our face. She was completely out of control. While we couldn't get synch rights, we definitely recommend playing the following song while watching this video' So tell us' which lyric do you think best describes Rin? Let us know in the comments!

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