CKE18 - Hands Wild Massage

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    Ageha loves to be in control and we've all seen time and time again how wonderful her flexible body is on camera. What happens though when she's challenged by having the control taken away? We covered her toned sexy body in oil so she couldn't move quite as accurately and then our bi-curious hair and make artist stepped in to tease and torture Ageha until she broke! What hard work! That's like having a secret magic pass into the world of lovely ladies' the ultimate spy! We've met a lot of bi-curious girls in our line of work and they're always up for some girl on girl action. Here's the kicker though, most of these girls' when they do have boyfriends, they NEVER bring it up! Talking about losing out on a fantasy becoming reality! Have you ever dated a bi-curious girl? Did you end up taking advantage of the knowledge?