CKE18 - Banana Teen

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    Want to stick your finger through Tsubasa's butterfly thong hole? You better hurry, she's dripping wet and can't keep her panties on for much longer! The whole CKE18 staff loves shooting with this exciting girl. She has a look that is wildly popular for Japanese fans, she's sweet, and she's hentai too. She's the whole package! Of course Tsubasa doesn't shave all her hair away so some western guys might not like that, but it's no problem for Japanese! One thing we can all agree on though is that green is one of Tsubasa's best colors. It makes her look so fresh and irresistible. Of course watching her suck on a banana does the trick too! Many times the girls we shoot never did shooting before and we have to give them every small direction. Tsubasa is great though because we can give her a concept and she just runs with it, letting her body decide what happens next. You've got to love girls who just drop their inhibitions and go with the flow. It sure makes shooting easy!