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    With her irresistible blend of Japanese-Korean-SE Asian heritage, alluring 23 year-old Shizuku personifies today's modern Japan as it slowly-but-surely blooms with ethnic diversity. Nothing in this world is sexier than ethnic diversity, so she had me at hello. If that weren't enough, I was instantly drawn into her coy demeanor and warm-hearted character. This being her first interracial sexual experience, she revealed during our chat that she had a crush on her foreign English teacher when she was in high school. Albeit a bit cheesy, we decided to go with it and act out her teenage fantasy.With her ultra-petite 153cm stature, she was indeed an extremely tight fit for my veiny old dick. It was a challenge holding back, but I did my best to pump as long as I possibly could and enjoy the pleasure of her company. We kept it casual and fun, as I wish to distinguish these from Japan's ubiquitous IYA-DA scenes.I think the video accurately captures Shizuku's dainty feminine beauty that Japanese women so perfectly radiate, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.NOTES- I tried using a cameraman this time, so the style differs from previous videos.- I included some bonus footage at the end, mostly cute selfie footage Shizuku shot herself.- Apologies for the construction noise in the background. The big city is not a quiet place!- As always, feedback is appreciated as long as you're not an asshole about it.

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