MissReinaT - Asian Daughter Begs Daddy

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    You're a particularly naughty little girl in the last year of high school, always having been a little too precocious for your own good. Daddy started out spanking you a few years back when he found out about your promiscuous ways, spending time with lots of older men and being a dirty little slut. It was only a matter of time before you stopped wearing panties under your skirts for your spankings. The temptation was too much and Daddy just couldn't resist. He started taking you. Fucking you. Making you put your mouth down on his cock to suck as punishment in addition to those spankings that made you so wet. This continued for months and months, to the point where he had to send you abroad to boarding school to avoid the sweet, enticing temptation that is you.  Last Spring Break you came back from boarding school to stay at home with your Daddy. He had promised himself he wouldn't fuck you anymore as it was so wrong. You were his little girl after all! But you tempted him, wearing those short skirts without panties, laying your head on his lap to feel his throbbing cock against the back of your head while watching television together, and everything else to make him fall back into the old patterns. Ultimately he did not succumb to it, so you decided to up the ante and show him pictures of another man you fucked while you were away at boarding school: the Headmaster.  The sight of these photos drove him crazy, to the point where he bent you over and fucked you so unbelievably hard that you reached a different state of climax. "Fuck me Daddy" you repeated over and over again. He lost himself in the beauty of that precious little pussy and could not go back now. It was in realizing that you had tricked him into this debauchery again that he truly became mad. As his thick cock was deep inside your pussy, he put his hands around your neck and began holding you down   You felt this amazing numbness, this state of dizziness which wrapped itself around you like a warm blanket. His hands tightened their grip around your neck as he fucked you harder and harder, your wetness oozing out of you and down your legs as you felt his Power in the form of arousal. The feeling was like nothing else you had ever had: an erotic subspace. It was in that moment right before you were going to pass out that you had an orgasm that reverberated through your buddy like a thunderstorm. Your legs and body shaking, convulsing, as you flooded with wetness. He retreated and looked at what he'd done to his little reina. Ashamed, he quickly recoiled from position and said "Sorry". That was the last time you saw him until Summer break. Now you are back with Daddy again. You've been dreaming of that big hand holding your neck once again