CKE18 - Breasts Confess

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    Here's a story you won't hear anywhere else because Rin promised she never told anyone before! The first time she found herself aroused was during a summer trip with her cute Japanese girl friends. Washing together in a shared shower wasn't what did it, instead it was something much more unexpected. They traveled in a rented van and while playing the Nintendo DS, Rin leaned over the back of her center seat to spy on her friend in the back seat. She was wearing a thin shirt with no bra just like in this video and the feeling of the bumpy road vibrating the chair made her breasts extremely excited. When they pulled over at a rest stop, Rin found her cotton panties stuck to her body. Pulling it off her skin was painful, but it was a new kind of pain and she ended up spending the whole summer exploring her new frontier. Rin told her story right after shooting this video. Do you think that's what she was thinking about during the shoot?