CKE18 - Fairy Wand Wonder

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    We have a lot of videos where we teas Japanese girls with vibrating wands, but this one might have just moved into my top three favorites of all time. The other two? Check out Ryouko and Satsuki for your answer. When the fairy wand touched Yayoi's soft mochi body, it made ripples run across her body. It was so hot! You could tell she was in to it too. She closed her eyes and tried to hold back an embarrassing natural reaction. She didn't want to look too hentai, but there was no mistake about it' this girl was loving every second of being teased. I asked her later what she thought about it, and she murmured 'I wish I can enjoy again.' I think that means she's not getting the right kind of attention in her private life, but what do you guys think?