CKE18 - Director's Magic Wand

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    By this point in the shoot, the staff all agreed that Shiori was trying really hard but she just wasn't letting go of all of her inhibitions.' Something was keeping her a bit on edge and no matter how many jokes the staff cracked, we could tell the butterflies in her stomach were getting the best of her.' Was she having second thoughts about shooting, was she self conscious about something about her body?' did the camera man have some seaweed stuck in his teeth from his onigiri (rice ball) breakfast!?' Shiori wasn't the only one with thoughts racing through her head, but that's all part of shooting for professionals and even as we worried, we kept our happy faces on and did our best to let Shiori chan know she was doing great.' Of course leave it up to the Director!' Like Cyril Takayama the famous Japanese magician, he has a bag full of tricks and Shiori is going to be transformed in to a carefree wonder with his magic vibrating wand!' Have you ever cast a spell over an adorable girl?' Tell us the story in the comments below!